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Gifts of Hope and Inspiration Left by My Spirit Friends
The Volcanic Eruption Within DOES Bring Peace
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The Volcanic Eruption Within DOES Bring Peace
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The Path of the Wounded Healer
Gifts of Hope and Inspiration Left by My Spirit Friends
Stickers of Encouragement Left by My Spirit Friends


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Emotional Well-Being

The Volcanic Eruption Within DOES Bring Peace

     I wrote this in an email to someone and realized that there are others who feel the same types of pain, loss, and isolation. We're all here going through the same things. Hopefully this will speak to some and help them to find peace....
...Never lose hope. As a spiritually evolved person, you know that there is rhyme and reason to EVERYTHING that you create for yourself in your lifetime. Perhaps it's time to look at the situtations you've been through and where you're at now. Can you find patterns? What seems to be the underlying theme in the trials of your life?
      I'm personally going through a MAJOR healing process of my own right now too. I have to look back at the events that have brought me the most pain. I then allow myself to FEEL that pain, that anger, that sadness.... Whatever my spirit needs. (We are spiritual beings having a human experience, after all... Denying ourselves our right to experience does NO GOOD. (Denial is NO GOOD all the way around, actually!) After that, I trust that it's being thrown in my face over and over again so that I'll LOOK at it. I know that I can't ignore the pain. So, we look at it and find out what's the common thread?
      What do these separate events have in common? I can see several commonalities in mine. Once you've done that, then ask yourself this: "Okay, if these are the common themes, what am I supposed to learn from them? What were these events supposed to teach me? I didn't plan this pain all for nothing!" The trick is not to let the suffering be wasted. Once you can find and accept how these things have added to making you a stronger, more beautiful spirit, the pain will begin to subside and you're on the road to healing!
      WARNING: The process may initially intensify the pain. You may find yourself digging up things you've been busily ignoring in your everyday life for years! When it comes up, it's like a volcanic eruption!  However, after a volcano erupts, the lava does cool, and so will the pain. It's an intense experience that will act as a catalyst for peace within. (Hey, healing is hard work, but it's very much worth the process!) Just be aware that you're likely to become more moody, sensitive, and more easily triggered by events that remind you of your pain than before. However, at this point, you're out of denial and making progress. It won't stay that way and you'll start to feel the weight lift from you. You'll know you're headed in the right direction!
I urge you to watch the video by Neale Donald Walsch entitled "God Says Yes!"  When I speak in my daily life, or when I'm thinking about life, or when I'm praying; I imagine what Neale talks about in his brief video. I imagine that God agrees and says "yes" to everything that I'm thinking/saying. "My life is falling apart..." and God says, "Yes, Gem, you're right. It is!" If I say, "Nothing ever goes right!" Spirit agrees, "I know.... That's true..." On the other hand, if I affirm "My life is beautiful and I'm surrounded in love", God replies, "Oh yes, you are!" "Everything always works out okay in the end..." I'll hear "Yes it does.... and it will..." It really puts things into perspective, because then I KNOW that I'm going to really GET whatever I am choosing to create at that moment.
I wish you all the very best in your travels to a more peaceful life both within yourself and in your surrounding experiences. One affects the other, and YOU create it all...
Psychic Medium GeminiRose
December 7, 2009