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Gifts of Hope and Inspiration Left by My Spirit Friends
Stickers of Encouragement Left by My Spirit Friends


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Angels vs. Intuition

Angels vs. Intuition
            The following is a question a client submitted to me recently.  I thought it was a very interesting topic and wanted to share my insights on it with everyone else.  Of course, these are just my intuitive perceptions and opinions based on my own personal experiences.  I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I’m happy to express my understanding with anyone who wants to read it.
“What is the difference between ‘angel whispers’ and intuition? I've read how we are constantly being whispered to by our angels who are trying to guide us; they are trying to help us by giving us thoughts, ideas, etc.   So if they are always doing this, then do we not have our own Divine spark/intuition with a deeper knowing?”
            Wow, I just love this question!  They are both ways of receiving information.  The thought of angels, guides, and loved ones constantly in our ears trying to push, pull, and guide us through everything seems to almost take away our own free will and choice of experience.  Of course, they can always tell us whatever they want, but that doesn’t mean that it has to influence what we do.
            During readings, I get information through what I see, hear, feel, and intuitively know.  Often I am tapping into the collective unconscious and retrieving information from that pool of everything floating around out there, or I am pulling from the information within a person’s energy and soul experience.  Other times, I am given information by Spirit- whether that be angels, guides, or loved ones on the Other Side.  I can usually tell the difference in processes because using my own intuition has this feeling of tapping in and downloading the information.  It’s an active process.  I consciously feel myself seeking and feeling for the info until I have experienced what I need to know to pass along whatever the person is requesting.  When I’m channeling, or being given information from a guide, it feels more like a flow coming through me from a seemingly outside source.  I don’t have to feel for the information and pull it back into myself.  It’s given to me and passes through me. 
            This is also the difference between being a “psychic” and being a “medium”.  A person who uses both avenues during a reading is considered to be both.  The information comes via two different methods, but since it’s all coming from the Divine Source, it all comes from the same place.  With an angel or someone else helping, though, there is another active party involved in the process rather than just me tapping in, getting what I need, and getting out. 
            So, we all have our own intuition that comes from our personal experiences and active searching, (whether conscious or unconscious),and then there is the help that is given to us by those trying to guide us from Heaven.  I do not feel that we are merely puppets on a string.  If this were the case, what would be the point of existing and growing?  I believe we are co-creators of our own realities and, thus, our own lives.
Love Always,
Gemini Rose
Psychic Medium

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