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The Volcanic Eruption Within DOES Bring Peace
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The Path of the Wounded Healer
Gifts of Hope and Inspiration Left by My Spirit Friends
Stickers of Encouragement Left by My Spirit Friends


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The Path of the Wounded Healer

      Life’s wounds come in so many shapes and sizes. Some are the light scratches of the surface that represent our minor battles. Some are the painful echoes of hateful words flung in the passion of anger. Others stay with us forever as the permanent scars reminding us of victimization at the hands of another. Often there are the tears to the heart from love after love after love gone wrong. Our psyche suffers nicks to our pride and self-concept due to ridicule, unfair judgment by others, and not being accepted in some part of society. There even exist actual gaping holes due to neglect which are only filled with more emptiness from not receiving enough compassion or kindness. More wounds are then created when we attempt to fill these voids with substances and addictions that only hollow us out more. The fire of our own selfishness, hate, and fury directed at ourselves and at others leaves us with severe burns.
      Every single one of us has our own wounds. We have the stories to each little cut, bruise, and blister. Some of us carry all, or at least most, of these- from the very minor to the near fatal. This is the human experience. We are meant to meet adversity, suffer, problem solve, and overcome. Without these, there can be no healing. Without healing there’s no learning, and if there’s no learning, there can be no spiritual evolvement.
      Spiritual growth is the goal. Taking our collective consciousness to the next level in order to bring peace, love, and harmony to the human race is a necessity. There are many who have battled and lost. They have fought and suffered pain and grief because of it. There are those whose light shines so brightly that it makes them a target to the dark that wishes to stifle the beams meant to illuminate us all. Yet, they keep charging forward. They do not lay down the sword and shield and give in to the misery that would consume them. They do not allow their attacker’s blows to send them to the ground for long. Instead, they smile and charge forward armed with faith to carry out a mission of protecting, healing, and teaching others who have suffered as they.
      This is the path of the wounded healer.
Written by:
Psychic Medium GeminiRose
September 2009

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Gemini Rose on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 10:23 AM
At the time of writing this blog, I didn't realize that the concept of the wounded healer was something introduced by Carl Jung! I'm not surprised, though, because I resonate so much with his work contributed to the fields of psychology and parapsychology. I found this tidbit that I thought I'd add for further research:
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