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The Volcanic Eruption Within DOES Bring Peace
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The Path of the Wounded Healer
Gifts of Hope and Inspiration Left by My Spirit Friends
Stickers of Encouragement Left by My Spirit Friends


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Stickers of Encouragement Left by My Spirit Friends

     Hi guys! I had something cute happen to me a little while back and I thought I'd just share it with you. If you have any similar or related stories I'd love to hear them!
      As some of you may know, I recently relocated back to Central Florida from New York. I had received several HUGE signs ahead of time that this was the right move for me. During the roadtrip down here, I received more signs, and since I've been here, well, the confirmations keep coming!
      My first day back, my mother and I were chatting on her back porch. Something glinted on the ground and caught my mother's eye. She reached down and picked up a sticker from off the cement. She examined it and then held it up to me for inspection. It was a pink Disney Princess heart. She smiled and said, "Awe, you are loved!" I thought this was cute, but I am not one to blame everything on a spirit. Afterall, I have several nieces and nephews, as well as my own daughter, and that could have been left by one of them. (Not that such circumstances degrade the value of the message of my being loved in any way, but you know what I mean.)
      A day or two later, my mother and I were seated on her couch (chatting some more). She looked down between us and saw something on the couch cushion. Another sticker! This one was a pumpkin. I laughed because a male energy who had taken a liking to hanging out with me several months back used to call me "Pumpkin". (This message was confirmed through another medium.) I hadn't felt his presence since I left Florida. I took this as a sign that he was still around. After all, leaving things was sort of like his calling card to me. (See my blog "Gifts Left by My Spirit Friends".) My mom asked what had me giggling and I explained. It did seem kind of odd that two sticker messages in a row were left. However, I like to use a fair amount of skepticism, so I wasn't completely sold on the idea yet. But you know what they say, "Third time's a charm!"
      After finding the pumpkin sticker, I was reading a book called Hello From Heaven. I found a quote that I liked very much about the metamorphosis of the butterfly. It was something about how, in order to become a butterfly, a person has to want it badly enough to be willing to give up being a catterpillar. I thought this was cute and could certainly apply it to my own life. It's simple but true. So what did I do? What everyone else does with things they want to share, of course! I posted the quote on MySpace and Facebook! I did not post it that evening, but did so first thing the next morning. Just a few hours later, my third sign and confirmation of the invisible guiding hands pushing me along arrived. It was another sticker. I found it resting right on the edge of my piano- a beautiful sparkling yellow butterfly.
     Now, I'm aware that stickers may seem like no big deal. However, when you assign the meaning to them, it changes everything! (Not only that, but I'm a teacher and happen to be quite fond of stickers LOL!) Not only were the messages ones of love, endearment, and encouragement; but they also showed me that this guiding energy is keeping tabs on what's going on with me and making sure that I am seeing the signposts. These stickers weren't simply random, but instead specific to me and what was going on in my life.
      The lesson here?  Well, there were several for me, but what can YOU take away from my experience? Remember this: The signs are there if you are open to receiving them and if you acknowledge them when they arrive. They may not be a huge flashing billboard or a stranger that appears out of nowhere in your front yard to deliver a message before disappearing into thin air again. While these are certainly obvious and grab a person's attention, they're just not as common. The Universe can be subtle yet still effective. Don't discount the little directional arrows in life that offer you peace, hope, and validation.
Love Always,
February 10, 2010

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