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Angels vs. Intuition
Stickers of Encouragement Left by My Spirit Friends
Gifts of Hope and Inspiration Left by My Spirit Friends
The Volcanic Eruption Within DOES Bring Peace
The Path of the Wounded Healer

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The Volcanic Eruption Within DOES Bring Peace
This IS My Life- The Moment That Started It All
The Path of the Wounded Healer
Gifts of Hope and Inspiration Left by My Spirit Friends
Stickers of Encouragement Left by My Spirit Friends


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March 2013

Stickers of Encouragement Left by My Spirit Friends

     Hi guys! I had something cute happen to me a little while back and I thought I'd just share it with you. If you have any similar or related stories I'd love to hear them!
      As some of you may know, I recently relocated back to Central Florida from New York. I had received several HUGE signs ahead of time that this was the right move for me. During the roadtrip down here, I received more signs, and since I've been here, well, the confirmations keep coming!
      My first day back, my mother and I were chatting on her back porch. Something glinted on the ground and caught my mother's eye. She reached down and picked up a sticker from off the cement. She examined it and then held it up to me for inspection. It was a pink Disney Princess heart. She smiled and said, "Awe, you are loved!" I thought this was cute, but I am not one to blame everything on a spirit. Afterall, I have several nieces and nephews, as well as my own daughter, and that could have been left by one of them. (Not that such circumstances degrade the value of the message of my being loved in any way, but you know what I mean.)
      A day or two later, my mother and I were seated on her couch (chatting some more). She looked down between us and saw something on the couch cushion. Another sticker! This one was a pumpkin. I laughed because a male energy who had taken a liking to hanging out with me several months back used to call me "Pumpkin". (This message was confirmed through another medium.) I hadn't felt his presence since I left Florida. I took this as a sign that he was still around. After all, leaving things was sort of like his calling card to me. (See my blog "Gifts Left by My Spirit Friends".) My mom asked what had me giggling and I explained. It did seem kind of odd that two sticker messages in a row were left. However, I like to use a fair amount of skepticism, so I wasn't completely sold on the idea yet. But you know what they say, "Third time's a charm!"
      After finding the pumpkin sticker, I was reading a book called Hello From Heaven. I found a quote that I liked very much about the metamorphosis of the butterfly. It was something about how, in order to become a butterfly, a person has to want it badly enough to be willing to give up being a catterpillar. I thought this was cute and could certainly apply it to my own life. It's simple but true. So what did I do? What everyone else does with things they want to share, of course! I posted the quote on MySpace and Facebook! I did not post it that evening, but did so first thing the next morning. Just a few hours later, my third sign and confirmation of the invisible guiding hands pushing me along arrived. It was another sticker. I found it resting right on the edge of my piano- a beautiful sparkling yellow butterfly.
     Now, I'm aware that stickers may seem like no big deal. However, when you assign the meaning to them, it changes everything! (Not only that, but I'm a teacher and happen to be quite fond of stickers LOL!) Not only were the messages ones of love, endearment, and encouragement; but they also showed me that this guiding energy is keeping tabs on what's going on with me and making sure that I am seeing the signposts. These stickers weren't simply random, but instead specific to me and what was going on in my life.
      The lesson here?  Well, there were several for me, but what can YOU take away from my experience? Remember this: The signs are there if you are open to receiving them and if you acknowledge them when they arrive. They may not be a huge flashing billboard or a stranger that appears out of nowhere in your front yard to deliver a message before disappearing into thin air again. While these are certainly obvious and grab a person's attention, they're just not as common. The Universe can be subtle yet still effective. Don't discount the little directional arrows in life that offer you peace, hope, and validation.
Love Always,
February 10, 2010

Gifts of Hope and Inspiration Left by My Spirit Friends

     Spirit contact and all that comes with it can be interesting, inspiring and evolutionary. They touch our lives in so many unseen, and even seen, ways. Whether they come as a scent of your mother's favorite perfume, a doll that you KNOW your aunt would have loved and wants you to have, a message of love and confirmation coming through a medium, or even in symbolic tangible object with a twist of mystery- which is the case in the personal story I'm going to share.
      Several weeks ago, when paranormal activity was at its peak in my life thus far, I was doing laundry in my bedroom. I was working my way through a massive heap of shirts and jeans. I felt like it would NEVER end! My mind was lost in deep thought during the process, as I often use this time to “zone out” and receive messages from whomever needs to bring them. (Hey, the process is so automatic it works really well to put me in a meditative state. What can I say???) As I tucked the last shirt away and turned around, I looked at my pillow. Lying on it was a pin that I had never seen before. I picked it up and ran my fingers over the cool metal. It’s navy blue background was the canvas for a golden bird of some type. It appeared as though the bird were gently flying through the night sky. I was puzzled as to where it came from.
      I went through the house asking everyone if it was theirs. Their answers were quick “no’s”, and so I started making phone calls. It belonged to no one, and there had been very few people in my home recently. It was Memorial Day, and so I thought that perhaps this was a message from a passed spirit who had been in the military. (This may sound odd, but remember I said that during those weeks spirit activity in my home was constant. They had been messing with the air conditioner, moving around objects, and even pulling the tube running from the back of my washer OUT of the wall- twice, in fact!) I accepted it as a gift and as a message, though I didn’t know what the message was.
      Days went by and I kept the pin next to my bed on the small, wooden side table that houses the other important things in life like the reading lamp and alarm clock. Though I couldn’t put my finger on the meaning, or just who left the pin, I knew it was important and that it was only a matter of time before I would fully understand. Finally, while staring at it, it hit me! The bird was a dove. I did some research and found the meanings of the dove as a totem to be very touching and pertinent to my life and its purpose.
      Weeks passed, and last weekend I woke up to what I didn’t know was going to be the beginning of one of the most emotionally and mentally stressful weekends I’ve had in a LONG time. I crawled to the end of my bed to cuddle with my fluffy Russian Blue-grey cat, Booger. (Yes, his name is Booger. It’s a long story. LOL!) I gave him big kisses good morning, and put my head on his back snuggling my face into his soft fur. (I know my cat allergy people are cringing.) At that moment, my eyes fell upon a unrecognized item. The only things on the bed were me, Booger, a couple of pillows, and this tiny object. I gingerly scooped it up and examined it. In my hand perched a tiny, bright yellow foam bird- a dove.
      The actions after finding this gift were much the same as before. No one claimed it, or confessed to having ever seen it for that matter. How synchronistic- the only two gifts to appear did so in the same place (my bed), they were the same color, the same size, and the same thing: a dove.
      The dove is symbolic of the soul and the Holy Spirit. It’s the bringer of peace, hope, inspiration, and messages from Heaven. In Greek mythology, it was the bird of Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom, and represented new beginnings. In the flood story in the Bible, it was the same. This graceful and serene fowl is a symbol of the feminine powers of nurturance, generosity, and prophecy. The dove flies gently through the veils that separate our physical realm (Earth) from the spiritual (Heaven). He the promise of peace to the world.
      As if these messages weren’t simply beautiful and awe-inspiring in their own rite, they are even more powerful when applied to my own life and spiritual path. I am passionate about trying to be all of the things that the dove represents. Brining peace, hope, and inspiration helps me to “fly”. I’ve been told in an astrological reading that one of the elements of my path is to be “the midwife to the soul”, and so the birth of new spiritual awakenings is tied to the “new beginnings”. Additionally, I am a female who strives to dig deep within her inner self to pull out as much power and courage as she possibly can, especially when faced with adversity, while doing so as peacefully as possible. Nurturing others nurtures me. The “prophecy” seems to be a given- (duh, “psychic” LOL). Finally, and most warming to my heart is the “messenger from Heaven” who slips through the veil between our dimensions in order to facilitate the communication process between the beings on either side. This eludes to the channeling and mediumship work that I do (which happens to be my favorite gift).
      I am exceedingly grateful to Spirit (and the spirit friend who manifested these gifts) for the love and healing messages they have brought to me. Have I found my totem? Maybe. I’m not sure, but I do know that my path becomes clearer and clearer with each day that passes, and I am overjoyed in the knowingness that I’m RIGHT where I need to be. I’m going to successfully do my part in healing the world, as well as myself.
      Thank you for allowing me to share with you.
In Divine Love,
July 19, 2009

The Volcanic Eruption Within DOES Bring Peace

     I wrote this in an email to someone and realized that there are others who feel the same types of pain, loss, and isolation. We're all here going through the same things. Hopefully this will speak to some and help them to find peace....
...Never lose hope. As a spiritually evolved person, you know that there is rhyme and reason to EVERYTHING that you create for yourself in your lifetime. Perhaps it's time to look at the situtations you've been through and where you're at now. Can you find patterns? What seems to be the underlying theme in the trials of your life?
      I'm personally going through a MAJOR healing process of my own right now too. I have to look back at the events that have brought me the most pain. I then allow myself to FEEL that pain, that anger, that sadness.... Whatever my spirit needs. (We are spiritual beings having a human experience, after all... Denying ourselves our right to experience does NO GOOD. (Denial is NO GOOD all the way around, actually!) After that, I trust that it's being thrown in my face over and over again so that I'll LOOK at it. I know that I can't ignore the pain. So, we look at it and find out what's the common thread?
      What do these separate events have in common? I can see several commonalities in mine. Once you've done that, then ask yourself this: "Okay, if these are the common themes, what am I supposed to learn from them? What were these events supposed to teach me? I didn't plan this pain all for nothing!" The trick is not to let the suffering be wasted. Once you can find and accept how these things have added to making you a stronger, more beautiful spirit, the pain will begin to subside and you're on the road to healing!
      WARNING: The process may initially intensify the pain. You may find yourself digging up things you've been busily ignoring in your everyday life for years! When it comes up, it's like a volcanic eruption!  However, after a volcano erupts, the lava does cool, and so will the pain. It's an intense experience that will act as a catalyst for peace within. (Hey, healing is hard work, but it's very much worth the process!) Just be aware that you're likely to become more moody, sensitive, and more easily triggered by events that remind you of your pain than before. However, at this point, you're out of denial and making progress. It won't stay that way and you'll start to feel the weight lift from you. You'll know you're headed in the right direction!
I urge you to watch the video by Neale Donald Walsch entitled "God Says Yes!"  When I speak in my daily life, or when I'm thinking about life, or when I'm praying; I imagine what Neale talks about in his brief video. I imagine that God agrees and says "yes" to everything that I'm thinking/saying. "My life is falling apart..." and God says, "Yes, Gem, you're right. It is!" If I say, "Nothing ever goes right!" Spirit agrees, "I know.... That's true..." On the other hand, if I affirm "My life is beautiful and I'm surrounded in love", God replies, "Oh yes, you are!" "Everything always works out okay in the end..." I'll hear "Yes it does.... and it will..." It really puts things into perspective, because then I KNOW that I'm going to really GET whatever I am choosing to create at that moment.
I wish you all the very best in your travels to a more peaceful life both within yourself and in your surrounding experiences. One affects the other, and YOU create it all...
Psychic Medium GeminiRose
December 7, 2009

The Path of the Wounded Healer

      Life’s wounds come in so many shapes and sizes. Some are the light scratches of the surface that represent our minor battles. Some are the painful echoes of hateful words flung in the passion of anger. Others stay with us forever as the permanent scars reminding us of victimization at the hands of another. Often there are the tears to the heart from love after love after love gone wrong. Our psyche suffers nicks to our pride and self-concept due to ridicule, unfair judgment by others, and not being accepted in some part of society. There even exist actual gaping holes due to neglect which are only filled with more emptiness from not receiving enough compassion or kindness. More wounds are then created when we attempt to fill these voids with substances and addictions that only hollow us out more. The fire of our own selfishness, hate, and fury directed at ourselves and at others leaves us with severe burns.
      Every single one of us has our own wounds. We have the stories to each little cut, bruise, and blister. Some of us carry all, or at least most, of these- from the very minor to the near fatal. This is the human experience. We are meant to meet adversity, suffer, problem solve, and overcome. Without these, there can be no healing. Without healing there’s no learning, and if there’s no learning, there can be no spiritual evolvement.
      Spiritual growth is the goal. Taking our collective consciousness to the next level in order to bring peace, love, and harmony to the human race is a necessity. There are many who have battled and lost. They have fought and suffered pain and grief because of it. There are those whose light shines so brightly that it makes them a target to the dark that wishes to stifle the beams meant to illuminate us all. Yet, they keep charging forward. They do not lay down the sword and shield and give in to the misery that would consume them. They do not allow their attacker’s blows to send them to the ground for long. Instead, they smile and charge forward armed with faith to carry out a mission of protecting, healing, and teaching others who have suffered as they.
      This is the path of the wounded healer.
Written by:
Psychic Medium GeminiRose
September 2009

This IS My Life- The Moment That Started It All

      The following entry was a great and pivotal moment of personal growth and healing I experienced in the fall of 2008. It is very personal, and I hesitate to share it. However, if others can take inspiration from my revelations, then I feel it's my duty to put myself out there for that purpose. It was with this clarification from God that I began to really understand myself and my life's purpose. In that moment I picked myself up and saw a new vision of myself and my potential. I realized that I was letting life pass by while I was hungrily searching for the moments in the future ahead that would hopefully bring me the peace and joy that I so desperately needed. Essentially, I was missing out on life all together.
      That very month, I launched Readings by GeminiRose and dedicated myself to the service of others. (Added June 2010.)
      I close my eyes. Silence. The comfort of the night is there- the shoulder on which I spill my tears, my wall to lean against. It helps me to provide the illusion of standing tall.
      I inhale deeply and give thanks to the omniscient listeners. They are my ever-present audience. Tonight, they are the witnesses to my faith- My faith in love. My faith in happiness. My faith in life. My faith in me.
      It is now that the realization comes: This is my life. How strange! All this time I thought of myself in a sort of limbo; a preparation time for the real life that is surely on its way soon... Soon... How could I be so blind? How could I have let those precious months, weeks, minutes, seconds slip through my fingers unnoticed?! I should be ashamed, but that is not the purpose of this epiphany. I'm not finding myself only to glare unforgivingly at my reflection in time's flowing waters. NO! To do so would be to sneer obnoxiously in the face of this new wisdom. I've been finally blessed with the understanding that I am meant to live these moments for what they are- mine.
      I will no longer turn the pages of my life's album in hopes of finding a meaning that does not exist. I won't search for the reappearance of yesterday's saviors to carry me into the future. I am here. I am free. I am me.
      This is my life! I will cherish it. I will nurture it. I will find passion in every breath and share it with those around me. I am finally comfortable in this newness- the world lies before me, and for once, I'm turned in the right direction! I embrace it all hungrily!  
      This is my life, and I shall ignore it no longer. I offer sincere gratitude to the quiet messengers who have stood beside me and guided me to this pivotal moment. I am listening! Thank you for this invaluable revelation. I will not forsake you.
November 2008