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Psychic Medium Gemini Rose 
I am always humbled by the kind words and stories my clients share with me. I am so honored and grateful to be the messenger because it allows me to be a part of these miracles of personal growth, revelation, and connection with Spirit.
Satisfied clients share their stories...
     Thank you so so much for the reading. I cried so hard while reading it. I felt as though you just stepped inside of me and pulled out what I needed to see. You are such a compassionate being, and the way you present what you receive is truly amazing.  You have done it in a way that I feel like I made a friend.
Tracy, Canada   
     I just want to tell you how easy it is to talk to you.  During our sessions, practically every time you say something, you are speaking my thoughts.  
If not, then you are RIGHT on key with the subject and immediately seem to know how to remedy it.  I also want to tell you how smart you are!  You have something no one else I've met has!!  Thanks for always helping me and for being the special person you are.  
Amy,  CA.   September 2014
      WOW, Angela, now that's what I call a reading!  And trust me, I've had a few. Thank you, thank you, thank you...
Mike, CA.    August 2014
What a truly wonderful experience!! Not only can I feel her wonderful loving spirit when I read her email responses, but she was also right on!! You can expect not only an honest accurate response but you can also feel her willingness to give you information that will go towards only your highest good...Love you Gemini....
Mercedes, CA.   July 2014
     Finding your website was a blessing. You make me feel so comfortable when talking to you by phone.  Your insight is remarkable, and you offer no judgement. You have helped me so much with what I have been going through. I always get excited when I schedule a reading with you, because just hearing your voice gives me a sense of peace. Thank you for your openness and your truth. I am your client forever. You are truly a rare Gem!!! God Bless!!
Lynn S.,  SC.   June 2014
     I just have to say your reading was incredible! You are the real deal and have such a gift, my friend.  It was as if you had been an invisible friend to me, watching my every move and thought over the last year or more, knowing and interpreting more of the situation than I could have; (and I lived it, ha!) Thank you, sweet soul.  Thank you!
Jessica,  FL.  March 2014
     Thank you for my email reading!  As an intuitive reader [myself], it is difficult to see what your choices are for the future.   You have given me the insight I needed and clarity of what is enfolding in my life at the moment, and there is a ray of sunshine ahead. Thank you!
S.Z.   January 2014
     I would like to take a moment and give kudos where kudos are due. I spoke with Gemini about 2 weeks ago for the first time ever and let me tell you she is awesome. She is very professional, down to earth and has a funny side to her as well. She hit the other person of interest to a "T" and 1 of the things she said would happen has already hit, actually sooner than we discussed! I would highly recommend a reading with Gemini and I will definitely be calling her again in the future! Blessings!
Brian, TX.   February 2014
     Wow, I am beside myself!  This reading was honestly the best email reading... Gemini is so honest, doesn't sugarcoat, and gave me straight answers.  It might not have been exactly what I wanted to hear, but what I NEEDED was the truth, and she provided it...  I am so happy with it because also she confirmed what I knew in my heart: That even though it wasn't in the timeframe I hoped, it will eventually happen.  I didn't even ask and she told me everything she knew! 
She has a true gift, and I can't wait to purchase my phone reading! You are incredible and extraordinary,Gemini! Thank you for giving me way more than I even paid for!  Wonderful!
Sylvia,  MI.   November 2013
     Gemini Rose is a shining light of truth and sincerity when delivering a reading. She has astonishing gifts that allow her to channel into some of the more unusual aspects that a reading for me entails. I have used a few very good psychics [in the past],but Gemini is, by far, the best for me.
Elissa,  NC.     March 2013
     Gemini, this [email] reading is incredible! You are
absolutely spot-on with almost everything.  Your description of me is dead on, and so is the description of the guy I’ve recently started dating!  I'm glad you are so honest and outright with you information, and I'm definitely ready to put it to use and continue to move forward with only a positive outlook…  Thank you so much.  The reading is more than appreciated!
Melly, CA.       March 2013
     GeminiRose, Thanks so much for the email reading.  I realize I asked what might be thought of as an 'interesting question'; but I've been getting more and more into how 'this' life is affected by my previous (and possibly future) ones. You, however, answered my question with details that really ARE happening in this life…  I’m really impressed…  It all just seemed so "right on the money"!

     So thank you.  Thank you for your gifts, and thank you for sharing them.  I'm sold and, more than that, I'm very thankful to you and the powers that give us all insights.
Danielle - Tampa, FL.    February 2013
      My reading with you helped my grieving process.  Even my husband saw a dramatic change in me. You brought both my dad and brother through, and the details you gave proved to me it was really them.  Your 'gift' would truly make the pefect 'Gift" for someone ;). 
Diane -  Lakeland, FL.   December 2012 
     Gemini, you have a gift that lets others know that they are not alone and that they are loved.  Although my own judgement is clouded at times, you validated my thoughts without me even
telling you anything.  I'm a sketpic [in some areas] and a believer [in others].  I believe in your gift and in your ability to heal and
ease people's minds and souls. 
Traci,  MA.       December 2012
    Gemini Rose has an extraordinary ability to see into your past, present, and future.  This past summer, when she was in Wisconsin, five members of my family were totally blown away with what she had to tell them! We sat around for days talking about everything she told each of us. Even the most hardcore non-believer now believes in Gemini Rose. She makes contact with her spirit guides and it is AMAZING how she confirms spirits around you and shares what they have to say. She has a very caring and understanding AURA about her. She makes you feel relaxed, which makes the reading an even more meaningful experience. Hoping to see her in Wisconsin again next year.
Tammie,  WI     December 2012
     Gem!!! just to let you know, you were right!  He [my ex] DID come back 5 months later when I am now over him.  He called... and sent me messages confessing how he misses me and how i was the greatest thing that happened to him ... Talk about being a tad bit late, BUT YOU WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG!  I just had to
tell you!!!
F.J.,  South Korea      December 2012
    (Gemini, I left a testimonial a couple years ago but I want to leave another one.) The first time I saw Gemini was at the Wonewoc Spiritualist Camp and my mom just passed a couple months before. I was so blown away by her accuracy, that my husband and I drove over 100 miles for me to see her again! I now schedule my visits to Wonewoc around Gemini being there.
    I've been receiving readings for well over 25 years at Wonewoc Spiritualist Camp in Wisconsin and, in all that time, Gemini has been the most accurate. She is so in tune with the people that have passed and the living. My daughter-in-law just came around last night, just as Gemini said she would, and that information kept me positive.  Gemini also gave me more very critical information about my daughter needing nutrition. I started buying her certain supplements that she can drink since she won't take pills. I always feel like I'm sitting with a true friend when I see her.
    Bless you and your two little ones and thank you!
Peggy V.,  MN   November 2012
    Gemini,Thank you so much for the best reading I have ever had. You were compassionate and clear and didn't sugar coat anything, which I truly honor.  I will be back...  You are an amazing woman and I am so grateful to be able to work with you.
Jane,   CA   January 2011
     It was very great to talk to you.  I feel you are a true GEM and really helped me more than anyone else could have.  When I got off of the phone with you, I felt the beginning of my freedom.  Thanks again! 
Rebecca,   AL   December 2010
     Gemini is a very insightful, intuitive, and gifted spiritual guide with a unique gift for seeing past, present and future. Being somewhat hesitant to have a reading, I was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy and insightfulness of the information she provided. Not only is she gifted as a spiritual guide, she is concerned about personal growth and spiritual wellness. I highly recommend her services.

John, Green Bay, Wisconsin   November 2010   
    Thank you so much, Gemini, for the reading! This has been the best reading I've ever had! I promise you, you nailed it and, not
only did you answer everything I asked, but you gave me amazing advice! I really appreciate your honesty, your kindness and your
good heart!  Please keep in touch and I will do the same.
Lots of love,
fatima,  October 2010
    Thank you so much for spending the time with me today...  Everything you said made perfect sense to me... You are so perceptive. Thank you so much for seeing past the stuff all around me. How wonderful that you should have this gift and calling
Michele,   PA   October 2010
    You are an amazing individual with the ability to make people feel better with just your words! God has given you an extraordinary gift that you share with everyone who asks you to. The simple knowledge of who you are able to speak with makes me feel better! Thank you!
Dena,  OH    October 2010
   I am a psychic, and I need a bit of a guidance [from time to time].  Of course I have to go to the very BEST, and GeminiRose is the very best! I trust her, and I know she has my best interest at heart.
Thanks Gemy!
Karina,  IL   October 2010
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful reading! I enjoyed speaking to you so much [because] you have brought me peace and understanding.  You have a truly amazing gift!!!  Thank you from
the bottom of my heart...

Rachel,  OH    August 2010
    I've been going to the Wonewoc Spiritualist Camp for over 20
years and my two readings with Gemini were the best ever.  What I like about her is she is a medium who receives messages from people or guides that are on the other side. She was so accurate in validating my mom and sister. She also described my spirit guide and no one else has ever done that. I know she was accurate because I did a meditation at a James Van Praagh Seminar where we tried to connect with our Spirit Guide. I was able to see mine and Gemini described him exactly how I saw him. I had two readings and both times I left in such a positive, confident, and renewed state.
    Gemini is a very kind soul and truly wants to help people. I highly recommend her for a reading and will see her again.
Peggy V., Wisconsin     August 2010
    I want to sincerely thank you for the reading you provided for me on Friday morning [at the Wonewoc Spiritualist Camp]. Spending
time with you was incredibly inspiring and exciting.  You really helped me begin to see the importance of incorporating more spirituality in my life, and reaching out to those who have moved on but who are still with me. It was an incredible experience, and I am quite grateful I was able to meet you!
Rachel Durchslag,  Chicago, Il.     August 2010
    I am a skeptic, but SO needed some comfort after the passing of multiple family members in short succession this past spring. Gemini provided that comfort and so much more. She nailed the situation and me to a "T". She has wonderful empathy and truly sees, feels, senses (whatever) things we can't. She is the real deal, but in very approachable and down to earth style. LOVE her!
Connie S., Wisconsin    August 2010
    I first met with Gemini at the Spiritualist Camp in Wonewoc and was very impressed with her.  She tuned into my energy and the things that were happening in my life, and gave me the messages that I needed to hear.  Needless to say, I again asked for her assistance a few weeks later when I had a major problem.  I had just rescued a cow from a large dairy herd.  I know, I know... but it's Wisconsin.  This cow got out of the pasture, and we searched everywhere for her. My last Gem.  Her accuracy in helping find the cow was amazing!! It gives me goosebumps just to think of it.  She knew exactly where the cow had been; slipped down a steep embankment, in a heavily wooded area, and far away from home (not on my property).
    So, if Gemini can help me find a cow in Wisconsin while she is at home in Florida, she is definitely the real deal!  She's caring, compassionate, and has a wonderful gift that she is so willing to share with everyone.
    Thank You, Gemini Rose. I will definitely be getting more readings from you in the future.  (Hopefully for myself and not my cows the next time! haha!)
Amy B., Wisconsin   August 2010
    Wow! You are amazing, GeminiRose! (I bet you hear that often :)) Thank you! While reading, my emotions ranged between smile of recognition [and] eyes popping out in surprise and wonder....  So, overall a fascinating reading from you! Thank you again and don't be surprised if you receive more reading requests from me :).
Marielle      July 2010
    Talking to GeminiRose is like speaking to a long lost friend.  Her soulful messages come from the heart to guide you on your path of life.  Her words are enlightening and shed truth and light into a situation.
Michelle Davidson, artist and author of the upcoming book,
     Florida's Haunted Hospitality.    July 1, 2010
    This was just amazing! Thank you so much. You were dead on about my feelings with llife in general and work and...  I have been
so down lately and, after this reading, I keep smiling.  I'm so excited for the future!
Kathy Spickler
     I Recently had a 15 minute psychic reading with Gemini Rose... I was not only blown away by her accuracy but her kindness... I wish
I could've [been] read for longer, because I had so many questions... She tells you what you need to hear to heal and move on...  She is very honest and compassionate... :-)
KP, Florida  June 22, 2010
    GemeiniRose gave me such an incredible psychic reading that I feel she has been one of the best psychic mediums I have ever gotten a reading from. I was so impressed that she not only verified that I was involved with writing a book, but also the type of writing it was, including details.
    She was able to key into any subject I asked; health, money, family members, and more. I highly recommend her for caring, quality and accuracy.
Hilda First - Medium, Author of A Stroll Through the Universe, and  
      President of the Western Wisconsin Camp Assosciation (WWCA)
   Hi, Gemini Rose, you are incredible and amazing!!  The psychic reading was very clear and sensible and, too, on email.  Who'd have thought it could work like that? Your reading answered exactly what I
needed to know. Thank you for the wonderful reading.
Saima S. Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
   I am impressed with your reading...  You were right on...
Judith Ulch  - Sixth Generation and renowned Medium, Healer,
     Clairvoyant, Secretary of the WWCA, and Camp Manager of The
     Historical Wonewoc Spiritualist Camp of Wisconsin.
    Gemini, You have helped me and given me insight when nobody else would and were right on about everything. You were my Angel in disguise!  You gave me answers to questions that I was thinking of asking but never did...  It's like you knew that I had certain worries in my mind. You were truly blessed with this wonderful gift, and I feel blessed that you have used it to help me.  Thank you!
Rachel R.,  Aliston, ON
     Dear Gem, My [spiritual psychic] reading was so profound.  It was literally unbelievable how accurate you were on the various aspects of my physical and spiritual journey of my soul essence.  It was received with the utmost of satisfaction because it had validated the most important and most salient points of my soul’s journey thus far. Your reading was most enlightening and, at the same time, very perceptive...  You have a wonderful gift that can and should be utilized by those that have been wanting to do this for a long time but never got around to doing so for whatever reason. I would most certainly encourage you (the reader of this testimonial) to do so now and take this opportunity to learn a bit more about yourself and what the Universe is trying to tell you, whether it be solutions to problems you are experiencing or [something] of a more esoteric nature.  Either way, you will not be disappointed because Gem will give her all in making certain that you get the reading that is specific to you.
    Do not procrastinate.  Do it.  You will not regret your decision.
Mathir Y.,  CA
   Love you, Gemini....the reading was spot on....and I really needed it. Thank you so much. Big blessings to you always.
Sheila c.,  London, UK
   Thank you so much for the psychic reading.  I am always happy with the readings that I have had so far. You know things that no one could know and it helps my heart to know that [my] loved ones that have crossed over are still very much a part of my life, even if i
can't see them.  It is amazing to me that you can feel these things and help to bridge the gap for people between this world and the next. I will probably have a reading again in a few months to
"check up" on my dad..."   
Disiree S.,  OH   
    Gem, you give out so much more than you realize... It is a testament to the energy and power you possess and the responsibility you carry when you deal with so many people. With that being said, you do a great service to the community at large, and [you] are well respected and loved...
Richard Marquez,  Granada Hills, CA
    With the recent death of my father, I so desperately needed confirmation that he is doing well. At first I was a little reluctant about getting an email reading. I kept thinking how could it be accurate? I really need to say how terrific my email reading was
with GeminiRose. It was money well spent. She picked up very specific personal details that nobody would know. It was amazing! Since I have received my reading, I feel like I can eventually begin
to adjust to the loss of my father. My physician gave me a referral
to a psychologist to make an appointment for grief counseling.
After my reading with GeminiRose I feel like I know longer need it. GeminiRose is very gifted.  Do not hesitate to contact her for a reading. I am sure you too will be amazed.
Laura C., Chicago, IL.
    You have helped me a lot, Gem.  Thank you very much.  I will
be telling my friends about you, and I will soon be requesting a
full psychic reading from you.  You are a very nice lady and I'm so glad I met you...
Anne Marie Grass, IN
Gemini, your reading opened my eyes and heart.  Thank you...
Bernadette O., NYC
    Dear Gemini, You're amazing!  When you read me, and saw or
felt pearls almost like Jewelry (as you said), I was shocked that you were picking up on my sister Pearl, and I know you had no idea I
even had a sister. Then, when you felt the presence of my grandmother who passed on when I was a teenager, I was even
more amazed because my grandmother lived with us all our life growing up, and although she loved me very much, she was always closer to my sister Pearl. My grandmother knew I was aware of this even though she tried to to be as close to me as she was to Pearl, but we all know you can't fake feelings. Anyway, my grandmother, being the smart person she was, I'm sure knew that
the only way she could prove she was with us during the reading
was to give you this signal about my sister Pearl. She did, and you obviously heard or felt it. That's amazing!
     Also, I want to thank you for telling me my grandmother told
you that she is proud that I turned out so good. I really believe she did tell you this because that would be the first thing she would tell me if she saw me today. I remember that her biggest fear with me around the time she passed was that I wasn't going to turn out to be good. Back then, I was in a bad place in my life, and I was doing bad things. My grandmother always worried and tried to help me be better, but she couldn't, and I know she felt sad because of this. I completely understand why she would now say she's proud of me. I get the goose bumps every time I think of your reading, and I feel
so relieved that my Grandmother knows I turned out okay. Thanks Gemini.
Scott Bercu, CPA,  NY
    A REAL PSYCHIC! Call her, she is accurate! 
WhiteLion33, 11/7/09
     Dear Gemini, I was a part of the first reading you did last night
at the University of Florida. I was the one joined with the family of four. I just wanted to thank you for the reading expereince! It was truly eye-opening and gave me hope for my future and what is to come. It was an amazing experience and I thank you so much for it!
Sincerely, Alan N., Ft. Lauderdale, FL   10/31/09
     All I can say is Wow! This was my first time calling her, as she was highly recommended, [and] she blew me away with her kindness and accuracy!  She is now one of my favorites. Thank you so much, Gem.  You were truly a joy to talk to.  
Tweeety72   10/17/09
    Thanks for a good reading; pin pointed things that are in my life.  Time will tell of the outcome.  A very lovely soul- professional and kind.  Thanks darling........  
Resevoir10   10/16/09
     I never leave feedback. I dont believe in doing it until a prediction comes true. BUT, I just have such a wonderful vibe from this woman, i cant explain it. She's a genuine, good hearted person and her gifts seem so real- i do hope they are!!!!! Granted, I just had the reading, nothing to report on yet, but I am so compelled to say that you've got to speak to this woman.  There is something very healing from speaking with her, not necessarily in her words, but i think its something about her overall vibe, She is a very good person. Thank you so much Gem! I look forward to your predictions coming true!!!! 
lovefree   10/9/09
     Thanks for the psychic reading!...  I really appreciate how much accurate detail you go into. You're not vague at all, but instead very specific and that's how I know you're for real
     Finally, a real psychic!
Brittney H., AL
    Awesome.  She picked up on things that blew my mind away.  Great call...  Great lady...
Life18   9/20/09
    Thank You Gem! You are a totally amazing and gifted psychic mediumI have clarity from a loved one who passed. Wow, it is amazing.  I feel a healing starting to take place in my life since they passed on to the next world.
     Blessings to you...
Holly H., GA
    I spent a hour on the phone with Gemini, and I must say that I hung up the phone [and] fought not to buy another hour.  It was a awesome reading. She is honest, calm, and will NOT tell you something to just get you by.  She will only tell you what she feels [and] sees! I have spoken with other psychics in my time and some are jugmental and she is NOT.  She is more than a psychic, and the only way to understand that is to get a psychic reading and see what I mean. She's fantastic....
Sharon G., NY
    I recently received a psychic reading from Gemini. All I can say
is "WOW!" She was on target with everything that was going on presently in my life. She was able to pick up on relationship
issues, career opportunities, and healh issues. Everything was accurate. Gemini is truly gifted. She is a kind, sensitive and
loving woman who transmits positive energy. She has an
indescribable glow that radiates love. I will definitely be calling
on her again! Thanks!
Love you....
Pamela Garafalo, NYC
     You are an amazing healer and psychic, and you touch so many people.  What an amazing job you do.  Wow!
Ancestor of Light
    Down to earth, definitely empathic... She said some very helpful things. 
Gabby T.  9/14/09
     GeminiRose blew me away! Amazing energy - she told me things I already knew as well as things I don't and read the people in my life like a book. She is genuinely gifted, did not give me a fairy tale or a doom and gloom reading, just the truth with lots of details. Definitely try this deeply talented reader. 
Phoenix Burning
    Wow!  First time [calling] and she was great!  Thanx GeminiRose.
Shawn 9/11/09
     Gem not only has fantastic Psychic ability, but also has a kind spirit.  She was there for me when I had very specific questions that needed to be dealt with quickly, and when she read for me, I felt like I was being helped out by a friend.  I will definitely be using her counsel in the near future again, as her reading was dead on in so many respects.  She gave me great insight into my romantic life, and I was floored by just how accurate her descriptions of people in my life were.  I have a psychic gift as well, and I can tell beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Gem will be helping many in her lifetime.  Thanks so much again Gem, and I hope to chat with you again soon!
Erin M., SC
    Blessings to you Gem.  Thank you for the wonderful reading
Many of the things you spoke are already happening. 
Janie - Daughter of the Goddess Jewelry, CA
    I asked Gem to do a free psychic reading for me. I expected a response of "Call this number and here are my rates."  Instead, I got
a free psychic reading that was right on! She was kind enough to not charge and, through a simple one-sentence question [via Email], was able to see into my situation and got it right on. I'm so glad I sent her an Email :).  I've been telling everyone all day about her answer...  I'm sure a lot of you are skeptical like me, but after a reading from her, you won't be anymore!     
Lindsey, MI
    Gem, I have had several- probably 15 plus, psychic readings in my lifetime and yours was by FAR the most accurate [psychic reading] and pinpoint on that I have come across.  From your tarot card interpretations to your general reading, there was not ONE thing that was mentioned by you that wasn't spot-on.  When I was thinking of issues to discuss, you picked up on those questions before I even had a chance to mention them. I have already recommended you to friends and have gushed about how impressed I am by you. It was difficult for me to find words to describe you...I stuttered a bit. 
     All I can say is wow. You truly have a gift....
Kim Chelius, FL
    Extremely good!
     GeminiRose was a true delight to have on my radio show.  Her wisdom and guidance to the callers were inspirational and truly uplifting. Her warmth and compassion could be felt right through
the airways, as she touched so many people's lives. Great energy, loads of fun, and right on mark to what she sees and feels. As many of my listeners have said since her appearance, "Gem truly is gifted." I would love to have her back as a guest in the very near future.
Craig Eugene, Radio Show Host and Psychic Intuitive
Craig Eugene @The Mix Talk   /  Craig Eugene  .com
    I had a (2) Quick Question psychic reading done by GeminiRose through email, then a follow-up question. She was right on the money with everything going on in my life including specific details. She was also very thorough and thoughtful with her reading, making sure to get all the areas I was concerned about. I look forward to seeing how the future stuff she predicted pans out. Customer service wise, I was also very happy. I had a non-psychic question prior. She always got back to me right away, followed-up after, and I feel went above and beyond my expectations. She really cared to give a good reading.
Tracey, NH 
    I have had many wonderful and touching readings by GeminiRose. She is without a doubt one of the most talented psychics I have encountered. I am deeply impressed with her integrity when giving advice to others. She was very sensitive to my feelings when offering her messages all the while blowing me away with her uncanny accuracy. I think that GeminiRose is a very talented psychic that is guided by a beautiful spiritual calling to help others. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for guidance by someone with strong ethical values.
Niki,  Winter Haven, FL
       I experienced a tarot card reading given by GeminiRose.   I have had some great difficulty recently in my life and needed some issues sorted out as well as unanswered questions resolved. My reading was sooooo on target. I was blown away! GeminiRose was able to tie together and connect issues I could not understand before my reading. I now have a new outlook on life and urge you experience what I have experienced! 
Julie Harris,  Lakeland, FL
     GeminiRose has given me a couple of psychic readings and, from what i can tell so far, she is right on the money with everything. She was able to tell me things from a close friend of mine that passed that she would have had no way of knowing first hand. She has also been able to predict things about my love life that have been highly accurate. It was as if she personally knew the people involved even though that would have been impossible. And on the most personal note of all, she recently predicted my pregnancy as well as the medical problems surrounding it. As heartbreaking as the news was that she had to deliver, she was able to tell me what needed to be said with compassion and, sadly, accuracy.
     I would consult GeminiRose about every major change in my life from now until the end of time. She is kind and caring and I think that is how she is able to connect so well and give such amazing psychic readings.
Candi,  CO
     GeminiRose did a great job on my mediumship reading. She was able to tell that I am surrounded by men and even talked about the grandfather who passed when my mother was only 13. She knew his name and also the name of one of my children. It was a wonderful and warm experience for me.
Barbara,  Niceville, FL
     I just had a mediumship reading from GeminiRose, and I was
blown away by the depth of the connection she made with me and with my departed family members. She brought up incidents and memories from my very early childhood that even I had forgotten about and every member of my family that she brought through was fully fleshed and present to me. It was truly like a family reunion! Exactly as if I had walked into a room and found all of my grandparents, aunts, uncles and parents sitting around a table
talking about how they remembered me. They also validated incidents with my children and me where they were present and that they were aware of current family activities and issues. It was wonderful to feel my entire extended (departed) family around me, and to know that they support me and watch over me and my children even now.
     I am very grateful to GeminiRose for bringing so many of my family through so clearly. She is truly a gifted Medium!
Lily Knol,  Alexandria, VA
Example psychic medium reading by GeminiRose
Excerpts from Lily's mediumship reading:
     I had my first psychic reading with GeminiRose and had not met her before. She was able to share with me things that only I knew. Her reading was very helpful and answered some questions for me. Her readings that I have observed [in an online public forum] are very accurate. She is very honest and her integrity is impeccable. I highly recommend her.
Sandra Maxwell,  Apache Junction, AZ
     I had an excellent [mediumship/tarot] reading by GeminiRose. There was no way for her to know that plaid shirts and farms have always been somewhere in my life. It seems the male folks in my life always wore plaid shirts and my father was a dairy farmer as well as another close friend was a butcher on a farm. She brought back things I didn't remember and brought them to life and light. This young lady is very gifted, and I would recommend her services as
this was one of the best psychic readings online I have ever had!
Lee,  Vancouver, Canada
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