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Terms of Service, Privacy Policy,
and Disclaimer
Terms of Service (TOS):
  • By requesting a reading, you agree to pay the amount specified for that type of reading according to your card issuer agreement or the agreement held between you and your financial institution.  Reading requests cannot be processed until payment is received and confirmed.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to request a reading.
  • If requesting an Email reading, the client must have a valid Email address at which he/she can receive the reading.  Additionally, this E-Mail address must match the Email entered by the client during the payment process.
  • All readings requests are answered in the order in which they are received.
  • Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice. 
  • Depending on the volume of reading requests at the time, it generally takes 4-6 business days after submitting an Email reading request for the client to receive his/her E-Mail response from GeminiRose.
  • Readings requests and reading responses can only be processed in English.
  • Readings by GeminiRose agrees to meet the length and/or time specifications indicated for each type of reading requested by the customer. If more than one question is asked in an Email reading request (Intuitive: Quick-Question or Tarot Card: Specific Question), then only the first question will be answered.
  • "Follow-up Questions" to an Email reading must be submitted within five (5) days
      of the the reading being sent by Readings by GeminiRose in order for the     
      customer to be able to receive the special "Follow-up Question" discounted rate. 
     *Only ONE follow-up question is allowed per (initial) psychic reading.
  • Readings can only be given to answer questions asked by the customer who submits the reading request, about that same customer.
  • We kindly ask that out clients not request a reading on behalf of another person. This is called a "third party reading", and could be considered to be a type of "psychic spying". Giving information solely about another person without any relationship to the client may be considered an unethical practice.
  • Readings by GeminiRose and GeminiRose herself are not responsible in any
      way for readings that are deleted from the customer’s Email account or lost in any
      other manner.
  • All phone, Email, and live chat readings are property of Readings by GeminiRose.  The customer may make/print a copy for personal use only.  Readings may not be changed, altered, printed for distribution, posted or shared electronically (including, but not limited to, Email or post/blog/uploaded file anywhere on the Internet, or posts on social networking sites), broadcasted, or reproduced in any way other than for personal record and usage, as stated above.
  • If a client is requesting a live reading by phone or by chat, readings may not be taped, logged, or recorded electronically by any party other than Readings
     by GeminiRose without prior written consent from Readings by GeminiRose. 
  • When participating in a phone reading, the customer reserves the right to either call Readings by GeminiRose for the duration of the reading or to have GeminiRose call the customer; (Contiguous United States ONLY.  Clients outside this area will be required to call Gemini for their readings.)
  • All live phone and chat readings will last for the exact time specified for the type of reading scheduled and paid for by the client, even if the reading is not yet finished.  However, Readings by GeminiRose and GeminiRose herself may choose to extend the call or chat at no extra charge to the client.  If the customer has to end a call or chat session prematurely, for any reason, payment will not be refunded.  Instead, another session may be scheduled and will last the amount of time the first session was short (if more than five minutes).  Additionally, Readings by GeminRose and GeminiRose herself have the right to end a call or
     chat session at any time without refund if the client is speaking, typing (as in
     chat), or acting in any way that is considered by Readings by GeminiRose or
     GeminiRose herself to be threatening, violent, obscene, sexual in nature, or to be
     any other form of harrassment.  The call may also be ended without refund if the
     customer (person on chat or phone) requests information about, or is involved in at
     the time of the call or chat, illegal actions or practices.  Furthermore, Readings by
     GeminiRose and GeminiRose herself reserve the right deny all future reading
     requests made by that same customer as well as ignore all requests for
     communication from that customer.  
  • Readings requests may be denied ahead of time, and a full refund issued, if the request does not meet the criteria specified above. Reading requests may also
      be denied if they contain content that is deemed (either by Readings by  
      GeminiRose or by GeminiRose herself) to be inappropriate, or if they contain
      content that is either obscene or related to illegal practices.
  • A customer has the right to request a refund within the first ten minutes of a phone/chat reading, (within the first five minutes of a 15 minute reading), if he or she is unhappy with the quality of service being provided or feels that there is not a good energetic connection.  Gemini Rose has the right to do the same.  If she ends a session early because she feels a good connection is not being made, then a full refund will be issued to the client.  Refund requests will not be honored if the customer is dissatisfied with the answers to questions or predictions made, as Gemini Rose has no control over future events in another person's life.  Email reading refund requests must be made immediately upon receipt of the Email reading, and will not be processed after 24 hours have elapsed.  All phone and life chat reading refund requests must be made at the time of the call or chat session.  A refund will not be issued once a call or chat session has ended.  We are happy to guarantee our customers' satsfaction, however we ask that our customers act honestly and with good intentions as this is what can be expected
     in return from our company and from GeminiRose.
     By submitting a reading request, you are hereby stating that you have read, understand, and agree to the "Terms of Service (TOS)", the "Privacy Policy", and the "Disclaimer" both created and posted by Readings by GeminiRose on this website. You are also stating that you have read, understand, and agree to the "Length", "Description/How it works" and "Price" indicated for each type of reading listed on
this website. In return, Readings by GeminiRose and GeminiRose herself agree to meet the specifications set fourth in those same documents/posts and agreed upon by the customer.
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Privacy Policy: 
Readings by GeminiRose and GeminiRose herself agree not to share or sell your information.  Your privacy is very important to us. All readings are kept confidential unless consent is given by the customer to make a comment of testimonial public on our website. (Please see the "TESTIMONIAL SUBMISSION FORM" and the "Terms and Conditions" (related to submitting a testimonial) found on both the "Contact Us" and "Testimonial" pages of our website.) The first name and the state in which the client resides will be the only (necessary) identifying information attached to the testimonial and/or comment posted on our website. 
Personal information is obtained and used for business transactions between Readings by GeminiRose, the client requesting the reading, and PayPal only. Information is not directly shared with any other party. In order to help us maintain your privacy, all correspondence regarding a specific reading requires the inclusion of your "Reading ID #" located at the top of your reading from GeminiRose and correct Email address to confirm identity. Additionally, Readings by GeminiRose cannot answer questions/send information/or send reading requests to any other Email account other than the one used to make initial reading request. Doing so could potentially compromise the privacy of our clients.
Finally, regarding payments, all credit card and payment account information is handled through PayPal’s secure website. (Please see their site for details on their policies regarding usage and privacy.) Payment account information is not made available to Readings by GeminiRose. This is just another step to ensure your privacy and financial security. (NOTE: It is not necessary to have a PayPal account
in order to make a payment using their secured site.)
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Readings are for entertainment purposes only.
Readings by GeminiRose and GeminiRose herself cannot, and will not, be held liable for the information provided in a reading, nor can they be held liable for the actions others take based on, or as a (direct or indirect) result of, the information provided in a reading. Readings by GeminiRose and GeminiRose herself cannot be the recipients of legal action by a client or another person for any reason, as the responsibility of participating in the psychic reading experience with GeminiRose, through Readings by GeminiRose, lies solely with the client who voluntarily requests and pays for the reading. All persons who request a reading do so of their own accord and, by submitting a reading request, also agree to this disclaimer and the "Terms of Service" set forth by Readings by GeminiRose. Additionally, GeminiRose is not, and does not, claim to be, a licensed medical or mental health professional or medical professional of any kind. She is not licensed to give legal or financial advice.  All information and suggestions she gives are strictly based on her interpretation
of intuitive impressions and therefore should not be taken as medical, (neither physical nor mental), legal, or professional financial advice.  A doctor, or other mental/medical health care professional should be consulted for medical/mental health diagnoses and/or treatment.  In the same manner, the information given in readings should not replace any advice given by other licensed professionals such as legal or financial advisors.
Finally, both Readings by GeminiRose and GeminiRose herself provide
psychic readings to the customer seeking such a reading with honest
intentions and in good faith. GeminiRose provides the most accurate information possible to the best of her abilities, however, due to the nature
of the service being provided, the level of accuracy of a reading cannot be guaranteed.
**Additional Disclaimer**  By contacting Readings by GeminiRose for a reading,
no guarantees, implied warranties, or assurances of any kind are given, and as such, Psychic Medium GeminiRose,  Readings by GeminiRose, or owners of Readings by GeminiRose will NOT be responsible for any interpretation made or used by the recipient of the information and advice mentioned above.
Please note that readings are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.
You must be at least 18 years of age to request a reading.
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