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Preparing for Your Psychic Reading
    Okay, so you've scheduled your psychic reading, you're excited, and it's 30 minutes until your appointment time.  What now?
How do you prepare?
Are there things you can do to make the reading go more smoothly? 
(NOTE: These same suggestions can be used to make
psychic reading by email even more successful too!)
1) Write down your questions.
     Writing down your questions and the topics you'd like information about is a great way to prepare yourself for your psychic reading.  This serves three purposes: First, it allows you to organize your thoughts so that you can maximize the benefits you get from your session.  Secondly, writing your questions and key points you'd like to discuss helps you to focus your intent on the messages you would like to receive.  This tells the Universe what you'd like to know about and shows that you're open to the information.  Finally, this focus also helps Gemini to tune into you and your needs.  (She is also focusing and preparing during the few minutes prior to your reading.)  
2) Think about those you may want to contact.
     Just as writing down questions for Reading helps everyone to better focus, so does concentrating on the specific people (on the other side) you'd like to hear from.  As we've said before, there are no guarantees that a certain person will show up to your session, but it doesn't hurt to send the invitation!  By spending some time in reflection of your friends and family with whom you'd like to communicate, it puts out the word to the Universe, your deceased loved ones, and to Gemini Rose that you'd like to make contact with these people.  Remember: Communicating with those who have crossed over to the other side requires effort on the part of you, the medium, AND the energies you're inviting to your session.  The more energies that are focused on the task at hand, the more successful the reading will be!
3) Relax!
     Whatever it is that you do for relaxation to quiet your mind and center yourself, before your psychic reading is a good time to do it!  Maybe you like to meditate or pray.  Perhaps you prefer to take a peaceful stroll around the block, lounge on your porch with a glass of lemonade and a good book, or just sit quietly and enjoy the silence.  Regardless of what calming activity you enjoy, getting yourself into a relaxed state of mind will help the psychic reading process.
     Why?  It's because all psychic information is transmitted via the subconscious.  Putting yourself into a quiet, meditative state means tapping into your subconscious, thereby opening yourself up to Spirit/The Universe/God- (whatever you call that Higher Power that is in charge of everything).  That same peacefulness that links you to The Divine also links you to Gemini so that she can more easily pick up on the pressing issues in your life and the messages that are waiting for you.     
4) Enjoy!
    Getting a reading should be fun!  You may discover some amazing things about yourself and your life.  You may also find it to be a moving and spiritually enlightening experience.  It will be whatever you allow it to be.  The power to enjoy the experience and carry something exciting and positive away from it 
lies with you!  

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