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Frequently Asked Questions
How do you get the information that comes through
in a psychic reading?
     I receive impressions in many different ways. For every physical sense that we have, we also have a psychic sense of the same type. For example, I may see mental images (clairvoyance) just as I see things in the physical world with my eyes. I also hear words or phrases (clairaudience), however, I don’t usually hear these with my physical ears. Instead, I hear them inside my head. (I’ve learned to distinguish between my own self-talk in my mind from that of my spirit guides or other spirits, such as your loved ones who have crossed over. They sound different from my own inner voice.) So if I see a house full of packed-up boxes and a moving truck and hear “Colorado”, then I know that the client has either moved to Colorado, is in the process of moving, or may have the opportunity in the future. (Knowing how this fits into a person’s life depends on many other factors.)
     Sometimes I just have a gut feeling that I can’t explain. I may not know why I feel that something is true, but I just know that it is. Also, spirits can work through me to make movement. For example, if the person I am bringing through used to arrange flower baskets, I might start moving my hands as if I’m making a basket myself. If the person spoke using sign language in life, I might start moving my hands rapidly while speaking. (I have experienced both of these situations.) Often times, spirits will tell me how they died or indicate physical ailments by allowing my body to feel a watered-down version of their experience. For instance, I may get a lurching sensation and an impact to indicate involvement in a car accident or an ache in my lower back if the person suffered from chronic back pain or had back surgery. Both the “gut feeling” and the use of my physical body by spirit are usually considered clairsentience.
     Psychometry is another way for me to receive information. This is when I pick up vibrations from a physical place or object. However, when I do readings online or by phone, I don’t really use this method. Additionally, on occasion, I may experience a smell such a certain type of flower or food associated with a specific person or event. Finally, I an empath. This means that I can feel the emotions of other people and experience what they experience. It’s not unusual for me to find myself crying someone else’s tears of sorrow or bordering on another’s anxiety attack. I have even felt the effects of a specific medication that a querent was taking at the time of our reading. It can be pretty intense at times!
     As you can see, our psychic awareness is just as multi-sensory as our physical awareness! There are so many things going on at once, and when the messages and information are coming through, it’s usually at an accelerated rate. I often find myself typing or speaking so fast that it’s hard to keep up! Plus, getting the info. is only half the battle. Interpreting it can be even more challenging. Many times Spirit may send one message, and it’s correct, but I may think it means something else. Therefore, bringing accurate information to a client requires proper communication between myself and the spirit world, a good energy connection between me and the client, and proper interpretation of all the images, sounds, feelings, smells, and sensations that are sent my way. If you’re thinking, “Wow, that’s a lot;” you’re right! That’s what makes the experience so incredible!
Where does the information you get come from? 
     Wow, that’s a good question! The information I get comes from many different places.  In a typical intuitive reading, when I’m retrieving information about a client’s life, I first tune into the client. I sort of link-up to his or her energy.
That gives me an inside peek into his past, present, and future. This could be viewed as a sort of telepathic connection. This direct line also allows me to use empathy to get a better understanding of the client’s thoughts, feelings, perspectives, character traits, and qualities. Not only can I tap into the client’s life and personality, but I can also indirectly do the same with people connected to him (both living and departed).
     How is this possible? Well, I believe that we are all part of the same universal force. That is to say that we are all connected. When I start dipping into that energy that is made up of everything and everyone that has ever been, is now, and ever will be; then I am connecting to that universal wellspring of knowledge. The psychologist, Carl Jung, referred to this shared human mind as the “collective unconscious.” It seems to me that it is this interconnectedness between all beings that makes the whole psychic process possible.
     I don’t believe that I am ever accessing this all on my own. I am aware that my spirit guides, the guides of others, angels, God (which is all-encompassing), and other positive forces are helping, leading, and protecting me during the process. It seems feasible that some tasks may require more assistance than others, but I know they’re always there. I simply serve as a conduit to bring information from one place to another. This is especially so when I am acting
as a medium.
     When doing a mediumship reading, I have to get my energy to a level at which it can mesh with that of spirits who have crossed over. (This is much like that “linking-up” process that I described earlier when receiving info. about client.) I especially feel my guides present during this process of connecting to the spirit realm. Once I am there, spirits who have crossed over work with me by sending messages for me to decipher and pass on. As mentioned previously, this can be trying at times. Spirit always sends the right message, but what we humans interpret it to mean can be a whole different story!
     All-in-all, the impressions that I receive come from many different places in the sense that I may get them from different connections, or lines of communication. Some information comes from within me and some from seemingly elsewhere outside of me. However, going back to the notion of the collective unconscious, if you consider that we’re all part of the same big ball of craziness that we call the Universe, then really it all comes from the same place, doesn’t it? Chew on THAT for awhile!
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