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About Psychic Medium Gemini Rose 
Famous Psychic Medium Gemini Rose, World Renowned spiritual medium GeminiRose     
      Gemini Rose has helped thousands of people around the globe!
      She is a God-gifted Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Teacher, and Published Author with over 15 years of experience.   
      The origin of Gem's intuitive gifts can be traced back through her highly intuitive family, and evidence has already shown than she has passed the sixth sense down to her own children.
       Like many intuitives, she became aware of her abilities as a child. Then, at the age of 21, she decided to delve into exploring them further from a spiritual and self-growth perspective.  Since then, Gemini Rose has honed her psychic skills including:
  •  Clairvoyance - Clear sight
  •  Clairaudience - Clear hearing
  •  Clairsentience - Clear feeling
  •  Claircognizance - Clear knowing
  •  Empathy - Feeling the emotions and experiences of others
  •  Physical Empathy - Feeling the physical conditions of others
  •  Psychometry - Reading the energy of a person, place, or object    
                                    through touch
  •  Mediumship - Channeling or communicating with spirits not in the
                                  physical realm
  •  Tarot - The interpretation of a deck of (typically) 72 cards that uses
                       symbolism to tell the story of the human experience
  •  Dream analysis - Interpreting the significance and meanings of dreams
                                       and their subconscious messages
  • Energy Healing / Reiki - Channeling the Divine energy of Spirit to aid
                                                  in the healing process of another.  This can be
                                                  done either in person or across a distance.
     Over the years, Gemini Rose, has independently studied spirituality, world religions, psychic and paranormal phenomena, theories of quantum mechanics, psychology, meditation, mediumship, and metaphysics. Her professional studies have resulted in a B.S. in Elementary Education from the University of South Florida as well as a certification in life coaching from The Center for Personal Growth (Soul Happy Inc.). Her passion for teaching and learning about spiritual development, understanding the mind-body connection as well as the human psyche, and helping others drives her desire to continue to expand professionally.
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     Gemini has worked with, and/or read alongside, several other reputable psychics and mediums such as C.J. Sellers from A&E's show Paranormal State, 6th generation medium, Judith Ulch from Lily Dale's historical spiritualist Camp Wonewoc in Wisconsin, Barrie John from the TV Series Most Haunted, and others.
     Gem has been a guest on several radio shows such as Visions with Barbara Mackey (CBS Radio), Angels and Answers (CBS Radio), Haunted South Paranormal Radio with Steven Raebel, Haunted America Radio, and The Super Unknown on KITC FM 106.5 to name a few. She has also hosted radio programs including The GeminiRose Show and Spiritual Evolution Radio.
      Her work and talents have earned Gemini features and recognition in printed media such as Michelle Davidson's book, Florida's Haunted Hospitality; Florida entertainment magazine, Today and Tonight; as well as The Ledger and News Chief newspapers.  Gemini also wrote a bi-weekly inspirational column for her local paper and contributes to a local magazine.

Real psychic medium, Gemini Rose, gives amazingly accurate psychic readings!
      Lastly, Gem has also been guest medium and researcher on several commercial and residential paranormal investigations with reputable paranormal research teams in Florida such as Haunted South Paranormal Research (HSPR) and Apollo Paranormal Investigations (API).  Some commercial investigations include The Ringling Museum (Sarasota, Florida), Fantasy of Flight (Polk City, Florida), and The Stanford Inn (the home-turned-B&B in Bartow, Florida that was used in the filming of the movie, My Girl).
      Gemini continues to share her light and love with clients all over the world through many spiritual and self-growth avenues including: Readings, life coaching sessions, Reiki sessions, classes / workshops, private parties, expos / events, and media appearances.  She is looking forward to finishing and publishing her first book (of many) in the not-too-distant future.
A message from Gemini:
    Some may wonder why I do what I do. The answer is simple: I enjoy helping people. Bringing peace, insight, and understanding to a client through the services I offer supplements my spirit. The experiences I share with others are like vitamins for my soul! To me, there is nothing more rewarding than assisting another person in finding comfort and answers.  She may be a mother grieving the loss of a child, an entrepreneur seeking advice on business options, the head of a household trying to make decisions to benefit his or her family, or the individual in search of truths along his own spiritual path.  Regardless of the circumstances, the process is rewarding.  I truly believe that my purpose on earth is to enrich the lives of others, and this is how I do it.
                               Love and Blessings,
                                                                   Gemini Rose
 gemini rose